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Letter from long-time Customer

Letter from long-time Customer

A few lines comments about Khoi Nghiep Company

I am Son, currently a Managing Director of a company that specializes in manufacturing building materials. According to Ms. Kim Anh invitation, the owner of Khoi Nghiep Company to express my feelings about Khoi Nghiep Company. I don’t know how to write, because about bussiness, this Khoi Nghiep Company is a very reliable Partner. It’s destiny that I have cooporated with Khoi Nghiep Company as early as the 2000s. At that time, Khoi Nghiep Company size might be still small, but the ideas and the way they works show that is a professional and prove to bring the best to Customer. I also love the idea of Khoi Nghiep Company that never place profit on the top, but the quality of product and service are the most important. When solving the urgent demand supplying for Customers like us, Khoi Nghiep Company show their professional, dynamics and dedication.

Talking about Khoi Nghiep Company, I think about innovative, outrageous ideas. For example: leasing strapping machine for free. This is really a good ideas when I still worked at Ha Long Construciton Ceramic Company. It brings benefits for both Partners. Using partner don’t need to buy machine, and Supplier have conditional to provide more strapping products.

One more thing I recognize that is the enthusiastic and dynamic of Khoi Nghiep’s employees. Any machine’s problem at using place was solved in the least amount of time with a strong sence of responsibility. Any occasions, wedding or funeral in my company was shared by Khoi Nghiep’s members. As for me personally, every year in my birthday I always received flowers and birthday cake congratulations from Khoi Nghiep Company.

I found persistence and perseverance from Khoi Nghiep Company. There are things that you have promoted, not for 1 -2 years but for 5-6 years to show signs of success. This is what I admire very much and young people who have  a start up idea should learn from.

In conclusion, I am satisfied to cooporate with Khoi Nghiep Company. This is from a view of an business Partner. And for person who is working at Khoi Nghiep Company, I think this is a good working environment for you. And also I know there have many benefits for employees in Khoi Nghiep Company.

Talking about Khoi Nghiep Company, I see many optimictic things. However, I still see limitations. In specific, why a good Company like that still not list in the Stock Exchange market. I myselt want to invest to Khoi Nghiep company. I hope you could consider this.

After all, I would like to thank Khoi Nghiep Company for accompanying us. We wish Khoi Nghiep Company more and more sustainable development, contributing more to the community and society for the Vietnamese economy.

Hai Duong , 11th, January, 2017

Nguyễn Hoài Sơn

Letter from Long-time Customer