START CO., LTD was established on April 1, 2002 at 307 Doan Van Bo, ward 13, District 4, Hochiminh City. Start Company specializes in providing machineries, equipments and packing materials.

          As the businesses grow rapidly, in 2004 the first branch office was setup in Hanoi. The northern office was setup to provide better services to the customers in the Northern region.

          For the past 10 years, START CO., LTD. has made ​​a significant contribution to the ways of packing in Vietnam. Such as transforming those company that use manual (hand) packing to semi-automatic (machine) packing. Those industries that benefited from the changes are: fisheries, construction, electronics, wood, postage, press etc. (Companies’ throughout country)..

          In 2007, START CO., LTD. introduced a new way of packing method for the Banking sector. That is using machine to pack the monies. The new ways of packing was well received and supported by the State Bank and commercial banks in the region. Namely: BIDV, Vietcombank, Vietinbank, Techombank ....

          START CO., LTD is forever active and innovative. We continue to introduce and improve the packing method from semi- auto to fully- automatic online packaging. By which it will increase the productivity of our customer. It greatly reduce the labour needs and increase the production output.

          With our dedicated team of business and technical professionals, We are  always ready to provide service, consultation,  remedy to any problems of equipment, machinery and materials in the packing process of the customers. We guarantee that the goods and services provided by START CO., LTD is always of top quality. We believe our customers will choose START CO., LTD. to be the  main supplier in the field of packaging.

Thank you and warmest regards.