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Product details

Original: CANNY – TAIWAN.


Strapping capacity: 300 (W) x 200(H) mm.

Strapping speed: 18 - 20 Cycles per min.

Tape width: 20 mm or 30 mm

Dimensions: 562W x 318D x 376H mm.

Tape and Holder: 562W x 318D x 480H mm.

Power supply: 100 – 240VAC/ 50 – 60Hz.

Power consumption: max 100W.

Net weight: 17.5 kgs.


Desk top.

Paper tape and Transparent Plastic tape are Available for strapping at same machine.

Automatic strapping.

Microcomputer controlled for easy operation.

Selectable 10 strapping positions by 5mm pitch.

Operation methods:

  1. Automatic.
  2. Manual Start.

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